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Yes, you have come to a unique and special site. It’s a site run by parents, for  parents, like you.


Remember when you first noticed a difference in your Child? Probably when he or she was a baby or up to two-year old. Remember how you tried to engage your Child in the normal way, to join you in the Real World, by looking at him or her in the face, by making your voice bright and excited, and a host of other ways?

And remember how you felt when you realised what you were doing wasn’t working?

You felt what you were doing was wrong, you had no confidence in what to do next?

That’s when you handed your Child’s progress over to others who were more experienced than you, to use techniques that seemed foreign to your natural inclinations, but seemed to work at least somewhat. Which made you feel even less confident in doing it on your own.

But I am here to tell you that you were not wrong in your aim of trying to bring your Loved One into the Real World, your instinctive approach was right! You were just wrong in your MethodsThat is why after I have explained the Special Methods of engaging your boy or girl, you’ll have the keys back to the car, giving confident parenting back into your hands again.

I am not saying that therapists are no value, the good ones are worth their weight in gold, but if you can do more of the therapy yourself, apart from saving tons of money, you will also be more confident because of your deeper understanding of what is actually going on!

And you will also have a deeper connection with your boy or girl than you have now!

And because you are there more often than trainers and therapists, your Child gets more total training than otherwise –  and as we know, the more he or she gets, the more social he or she will become.

And that is why this Training is called Parent Power, “Real-World” Training.

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but both parts of the title are important, because we are combining the improved Power you can bring to bear as a Parent, with the Training you can learn to bring your Loved Ones into the Real World more often, for their better understanding, their better interaction, and above all more FUN!

And a final Important Benefit is that You will have more fun with your Child too,
and gain satisfaction that your parenting is helping your child to the max!.

So I look forward to showing and telling you all about this Parent Power, Real World Training.

It’s now your turn to take the next step.

I hope to see you on the other side, to start your Training as soon as you are ready,

…why not start right now?