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We are parents who were dissatisfied with what was on offer from the autism world.
All we were told, and it is usually the line you are still given, was how to treat the symptoms of
mild autism, and how to keep our boy – essentially in palliative care, living in his Own World with
Structures, living with what they said was an incurable disorder.
So my message to you here is, “don’t-go-for-that-approach, don’t settle for that, there is a way for
your Child to learn how to become more and more frequently interactive with the Real World
becoming basically in the end what they call “neurotypical”.
So, how is it done?
Rather than focusing on autism Symptoms,
for example worrying about your Child’s poor eye contact or poor communication skills
and Instructing your Child to look at you, or to speak to you
The first thing to do with this new approach
is to change your emphasis from ‘Instructing’ and instead focus on
– Understanding-your-Child
(and don’t be afraid to put aside that “autism” label
so you can really look at your boy or girl instead.)
Now when your Boy or Girl can’t meet your eye,
you won’t be Instructing “Look at Me!”,
instead, you’ll be full of curiosity, asking yourself
and don’t be surprised if you now come up with an Answer!
Something like
“You know, my Child seems preoccupied, distant from me, as if he or she
were struggling with some kind of confusion, or stress.”
Did you say “Background stress?”
Would that explain for example, why when instructing your Child on what to say
You don’t get much attention, or comprehension?
Because you now understand that your Child
is too busy just coping, too confused or stressed
to really Listen to what you are saying.
If you look at episodes 1 & 2 of the “You experience Autism” series on our Mild Autism website,
you can experience the sensory overwhelm that your Child feels
and you can experience the need to
“escape to your Own World”, to shut it all out.
This experience will remind you how important it is
to understand what-your-child-is-going-through first,
before you attempt to Instruct .
So, what’s the moral of the story?
It’s that the UNDERSTANDING method of Training
works far better than the Traditional Instructing style..
and, that it doesn’t require Rocket Science to appreciate that!
So what do we do instead, with Parent-Power, Real World Training?
Step 1 is, we zero-in on the Stresses
that are causing our Child’s Withdrawal
and then of course we go about reducing them,
removing the source of loud noises, creating a quiet place
for our Child to recover from sensory assaults, and so forth.
Then step 2
I teach you the Methods that will encourage your Child
into the Real World, (when he or she is ready, and not at other times).
Can I give you a summary of these Unique Strategies? Certainly!
First, we get your Boy or Girl interested in
Playing simple Games with us
– and I teach you the method for doing that”
Then once he or she is deeply involved in the Game
we motivate him or her to enter the Real World,
as part of the Game
(and you will learn how to use this very important technique,
– as part of your Training)
So what do we achieve, by using this Real World Training strategy?
What we are doing is we are teaching our Child
to connect, the experience of Having Fun,
with the experience of Real-World Entering
so that our Child WANTS to be in the Real World more and more often!
and here you have the essence, the very heart, of Real World Training!
So over time, as your Child contacts the Real World more and more often,
then naturally, your Child’s Real World Abilities will increase!
as your Child’s Real-World Abilities begin to increase,
so all the Own-World Disabilities, start to decrease!
And then, all those Symptoms of autism that you were so worried about
will begin to fade away over time of their own accord,
because they are being replaced by your Child’s real world understanding and capability, while
your Child gets closer and closer every day to the neurotypical level
– All achieved thorough your Understanding of your boy or girl,
not your Instructions.
I wouldn’t be too concerned if what I’ve said isn’t clear yet, especially if this is the first time you’ve come across this new, and very hopeful, information : after all, not many new things are instantly-understandable.
But you’ll find, if you begin
the Real World Training,
as you actually go through the course,
it will all become very clear, and easy to do.
so you can begin your new adventure
of better understanding, and better helping,
your Boy or Girl,
making all your lives easier and happier!