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Hello Parents and Carers, and members of the Medical profession,

I’m pleased to welcome you to the mild-autism channel.

As a parent or carer, you might be here because you are looking for the most up-to-date ways to help your Child,

or perhaps you are disappointed with the advice and assistance you have received so far.


If you are from the medical profession, you might be looking for better insights into the autism condition, so you can give parents who come to you first, looking for advice, better help and direction.

In either case, or in all cases, you’ve come to the right place!


My Channel gives you New ways to look at Mild Autism.

If I didn’t have new and better ways to look at mild-autism, I  wouldn’t be wasting your time, or mine, in setting this Channel up in the first place.


You will see directly below  videos that I have described as the most important ones.

The first video gives you three exciting new insights into Mild Autism, that combine to produce fresh & effective ways to help your Child. You can then get more information if you visit my website,

For the medical profession, and for those people interested in the more technical side of Mild Autism, the next pair of Videos summarise the types of Autism treatments currently available.

The videos help you compare the old traditional style of Therapy and the new, more effective treatments now emerging. And I offer you free Training Modules using the new Therapy type (3) for you and for your patients.


Back to Parents and Carers, I encourage you to go look at the website, for fresh and effective techniques to help your child, ways that will help you vastly boost your Parent-Power.

You will see on that site I have set up a series of Training Modules, based on new brain-scanning breakthroughs, and other innovations and recent discoveries.

So you’ll discover more new ways to treat Mild Autism than you ever expected.


You might even feel like leaping out of your seat, keen to try new insights and strategies with your child straight away!

Sometimes you might say to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” because Real World Training is, more than anything else, firmly based on common-sense ideas, which are all easily understood and ready for immediate use by you.


Finally have a look at the second Section further below, where I am offering to give free advice for your child.
If you would like to send me a video of your girl or boy, demonstrating the behaviours you’d love to improve,
in return you’ll receive a personalised video response from me.

I’ll also give you my Parent Power Real World Training Course for free when you send me your video.

This is the video age, and we should use video to greater effect in ways like this!
In legal terms my advice is free of responsibility, though I will exercise all the care I can when I give my recommendations to you.


If you are interested in this free offer, you can email me via my website.
Rest assured that nothing will go public until you have reviewed and approved my recommendations first.


I hope you will take the opportunity to communicate with me lots more …

I also hope that the insights you’ll get from the videos below, and from the Training techniques on the website, will make your life more satisfying too, as you behold the improved responses from your Child.

So as the days goes by you’ll all get to enjoy each other more!

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